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hitanalyzer.ch - a new service from domains.ch
Hitanalyzer information for admin.ch: Excellent values for relevance and trust. No wonder... (Domain Blog) / ps
In addition to the display of Whois data, domains.ch now also offers a so-called Hitanalyzer. The Hitanalyzer displays various additional information about a domain, which can be of considerable use. Depending on the domain, various data is displayed, such as technology, trust, archive information, screenshots, keywords, company data, trademark protection hits and WIPO legal disputes regarding domains.

Useful information about the hosting provider, hosting location, IP provider and the current IP of the server. It also includes DNS and mail servers and the country where the data is stored. This information can be enormously useful if you don't know which hosting provider you have set up a website with or if you are looking for the person in charge of a website.


An experimental relevance calculation, a trust estimation for the domain and information about the availability of SSL certificates. This information is used for quick and easy risk assessment of a domain.

Archive and Live Info

If data was found, it shows when a website was first seen on the net. When is the oldest cache of a website, the latest cache, a live link to the website, a link to visit a website anonymously, the traffic rank of a domain and, if available, historical screenshots of the website from the archive. If no screenshots exist yet, screenshots can usually also be requested via screenshots.ch for inclusion in the archive.

Exciting feature: If a domain is free, the Hitanalyzer still displays historical information if the domain has already been registered and live before. This may prevent you from registering a domain that is preloaded or, on the contrary, may motivate you to register a domain that already has backlinks.

User info

For certain domains, additional data exists from company directories. In these cases, additional informative information about the domain is displayed. This includes the address, telephone numbers, company logo, company slogan, employee details and much more.

trademark protection

Each domain is compared with the Swiss trademark register. Does the name or keyword of the domain already exist as a trademark? This simple check can protect you from nasty surprises when registering new domains. Further clarifications with professional trademark attorneys are recommended in any case.

Legal disputes

Many domain names have already been the subject of legal disputes in the past, which in Europe are generally, or mostly, settled at WIPO. These are arbitration court decisions according to the UDRP method. The Hitanalyzer displays exact domain hits or similar domain hits with other endings and thus helps to identify domains with conflict potential at an early stage. More information about Automatic detection of domain disputes.

The Hitanalyzer Service will be constantly updated with new features. Test the new Hitanalyzer now on hitanalyzer.ch or domains.ch and let us know what you think. Many thanks in advance for your short feedback on our contact form.


published: Friday, September 7, 2018 / 3:52 PM , updated: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 / 11:11 AM

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