Privacy Policy

The hosting of this webbpages is provided by VADIAN.NET AG, St. Gallen. For security reasons when accessing this pages, access data, which could lead to an identification, is stored in a log file. In particular:

  • IP-address
  • Date and time of access
  • Name of the opened file/page
  • Accessstatus
  • Page, from which the access took place
  • Top-Level domain (ch, li, com, net, org etc.)
  • Used webbrowser
  • Used operating system

This data is protected and is not forwarded to any third party. Normally, it gets deleted after 6 month. An evalutation, which could lead to an identification, does not take place. The data is evaluated anonymously for statistical reasons only, for example to determine on which days there are a lot of visitors.

External links on the page are clearly identified as such. VADIAN.NET AG does not take any responsability for the content of those pages.