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Thousands of corona virus domain registrations

New domain trend due to the pandemic
Thousands of new corona virus domains were registered within a few weeks. (Lizenz: CC BY 2.0) / NIAID-RML
St. Gallen - These days, domain registrars like domains.ch are experiencing a very special increase in domain registrations. Every year, there are special domain trend times, in which adventurers, serious providers, but also online fraudsters stock up on many domain names.
Two years ago it was the many CBD domains and three years ago it was the many crypto-currency domains. Currently, the domains are Corona, Virus and Covid19 domains. Several thousand domains have been registered worldwide in recent weeks and the trend continues. From domains for virus masks to advisor domains to dubious medical domains, everything is available.

According to an analysis by the security company Check Point, 3% of corona domains were found to be malicious and another 5% are suspicious. Corona virus related domains are 50% more likely to be malicious than other domains registered during the same period and also higher than other popular seasonal themes such as Valentine's Day.

Now it would be exciting if someone would take the trouble to merge the two propagation statistics into one chart. Corona virus spread figures vs. corona domain registrations. Well, at the moment there are probably more important things to do... but... with all the free time available at home now, the one or the other domain specialist might make an attempt like this. Contributions on this topic are welcome at welcome@domains.ch!


published: Thursday, March 12, 2020 / 7:59 PM , updated: Thursday, March 12, 2020 / 8:06 PM