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Two-factor authentication to secure your domains

SMS token in addition to your domains.ch password
Simple setting of the more secure two-factor authentication at domains.ch. / domains.ch
St. Gallen - Domains are assets. Don't imagine what would happen if your operational and profitable online shop would be captured all at once. All email business correspondence would no longer arrive and mischief would be done with your domain.
Domain theft is an internationally known problem and precautions should be taken to eliminate or minimize possible risks. Domains, like any other good, can be stolen by careless behaviour. This is possible, for example, by hacking an e-mail inbox. Phishing attacks have increased massively in recent years and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Once an attacker has gained control over your email account, it is simple to steal your domains without your knowledge, if you don't take any additional security measures.

2FA activation in your dashboard

In order to better protect your domains, we offer you the possibility of two-factor authentication. You can activate the additional protection of your login in your personal dashboard under myAdmin and deactivate it again at any time. If the simple and secure function is activated, you will receive an additional SMS with an access code each time you log in to your customer account. The procedure is the same as for banks or WLAN accesses. Your domains are therefore massively better protected.

To increase your convenience, you can individually exclude certain computers that are already well protected by other measures.

Combine and centrally manage domains

Of course it is also possible to transfer domains from other registrars to domains.ch and thus increase the general security of all domains. Just visit our service page for transfers and enter your domains and the transfer codes there.

On our own behalf

The two-factor authentication solution used at domains.ch (2FA, SMS token) is provided by VADIAN.NET AG, which also operates the domains.ch service. The aspsms.com and asptoken.com interfaces (JSON-API, XML, SOAP, Mail2SMS, HTTP-Post) are used thousands of times by national and international customers. Further information about the two factor solutions of VADIAN.NET AG can be found hier.


published: Monday, November 19, 2018 / 11:55 AM , updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 / 5:13 PM

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