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Which domains belong to whom?

reversewhois.ch - New service for finding out domain owners
Transparency and insight into ownership thanks to ReverseWhois queries on reversewhois.ch (zVg) / ps
St. Gallen - In September domains.ch, an offer of VADIAN.NET AG, launches the new service reversewhois.ch to give webmasters, journalists, bankruptcy offices and interested citizens an easier possibility to find out domains owned by a certain organization or person.
With the help of reversewhois.ch you can quickly and easily find out which domains belong to someone. Since many domains have now been registered via privacy services or the registry no longer publishes the names of the owners, the list of results is usually incomplete. Nevertheless, the search often provides interesting insights into the domain portfolios of international corporations, domain traders or public figures. Interesting domain portfolios have e.g. Donald Trump, or Silvio Berlusconi. Domains of the famous domain broker Rick Schwartz, also called «Domain King», can be found with the following query.

The power of the big media companies

Of course, queries about the activities of Google and Microsoft or the international media and entertainment groups such as Viacom, Sky or Walt Disney are also exciting. Local Swiss media groups such as Tamedia, Ringier and NZZ already have quite respectable domain portfolios.

Commercial and franchise groups

If you want to know which domains the online trading group Zalando uses, the ReverseWhois query also provides a lot of answers. Large franchise chains like Burger King or Starbucks have hundreds of domains in their portfolios. By the way, the main shareholder of Burger King lives in the tranquil canton of St. Gallen, where domains.ch is also located.

You can get a more complete picture from the companies if you also do ReverseNS or ReverseMX queries about their name servers or mail servers at the same time.

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published: Monday, October 22, 2018 / 3:52 PM , updated: Monday, October 22, 2018 / 5:41 PM

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