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Innovative domain search functions for professionals and beginners
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St. Gallen - We celebrate! At the end of April, after some months of preparation, our new layout and many new functions of domains.ch went online.
The modern and lightning-fast responsive design enables the fast registration of domains via simple check boxes. If you want to be sure that a domain will be retained for a longer period of time, you can reserve a domain up to 10 years in advance. This prevents an unintentional deletion of a valuable domain.

«Whois» in times of the new EU Data Protection Regulation

New rules now apply throughout Europe for the display of domain holders. With .ch and .li domains, we will continue to display all domain holder information provided by the switch with every search result. The direct contact to the domain holders will be possible as before.

Valuable «Hitanalyzer» for domain analysis

Via Hitanalyzer, useful additional information is available for each domain. For example, the Hitanalyzer shows where the hosting is set up and whether a domain is encrypted. In addition, historical cache information and, for many domains, old screenshots also appear. The exciting thing: Even with free domains, historical caches and screenshots sometimes appear. For example, if the domain has already been online and information could be logged. Such information can enormously help to better assess whether a free domain has a bad reputation or whether it can be safely registered.

Set tags

A new useful feature for power users and beginners is the «Set Tags» function. With the help of tags and notes interesting domains can be saved and grouped. Ideas and portfolios are easier to manage.

domains.ch offers many more interesting additional functions which we will introduce in further articles, for example the two-factor authentication, the automatic recognition of premium domains or inactive domains, the automatic display of synonyms and related keywords and much more ...

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published: Friday, June 22, 2018 / 4:25 PM , updated: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 / 11:34 AM