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domains.ch - Blog

hitanalyzer.ch - a new service from domains.ch

Analyzing domains for free

In addition to the display of Whois data, domains.ch now also offers a so-called Hitanalyzer. The Hitanalyzer displays various additional information about a domain, which can be of considerable use. Depending on the domain, various data is displayed, such as technology, trust, archive information, screenshots, keywords, company data, trademark protection hits and WIPO legal disputes regarding domains.
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Attractive new prices for German domains

.de Domains for only 12.50 CHF

St. Gallen - From now on we offer new attractive prices for .de domains. German domains now only cost 12.50 CHF, so they are as cheap as .ch domains. The prices are valid for domains.ch existing customers as well as new customers.
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screenshots.ch - a new service from domains.ch

Create free Screenshots online

St. Gallen - At the end of August domains.ch, a product of VADIAN.NET AG, launches the new service screenshots.ch to give customers an easy and convenient way to take a screenshot of any website online.
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Cheap reservation of Chinese surname Li

Register Chinese first and last names thanks to .li domain extension

domains.ch offers the inexpensive possibility to reserve Chinese name combinations with the surname Li. For only 12.50 CHF per year these Chinese first and last name combinations can now be saved.
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Innovative domain search functions for professionals and beginners

domains.ch the new Top Search Engine for Domains

St. Gallen - We celebrate! At the end of April, after some months of preparation, our new layout and many new functions of domains.ch went online.
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New domain extension at the start

.app - Attractive Domains for iOS and Android App Developers

We offer wonderful new possibilities for innovative startups and established application providers at home and abroad. Attractive yourname.app domains can now be registered with us for only 29 CHF per year.
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UDRP Arbitration Court Decisions at WIPO

Automatic detection of domain disputes

In order to protect our customers from unpleasant surprises, we at domains.ch have started to collect pending and completed arbitration decisions on domains. Currently we have several tens of thousands of decisions that have been made at WIPO.
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How many and which Internet domains represent a company sufficiently?

A question that entrepreneurs cannot ask themselves early enough: global markets, transparent and immediate information exchange on the Internet - how do I as a company owner/representative ensure that I have registered all common domain names or top-level domains for my company? And all this without having to fight later in a costly legal dispute about the forgotten ones?
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