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Domain conference in Bern

Domain pulse starts on 18.02.2019

In German-speaking countries, Domain pulse usually opens the season of domain events. This year, the Domain pulse 2019, hosted by SWITCH, will take place in the Swiss capital Bern. The domain conference will begin tomorrow, 18 February 2019.
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Better brand protection and misdirected email delivery

Why it makes sense to register .com domains as well

No question, .com domains are by far the most popular domains on the net. Currently, almost 140 million .com domain names are registered and there are constantly more. Even the many new domain extensions could not harm the top dog .com. In contrast to many new extensions, the popularity of .com domains remains stable and the number of .com domains is increasing month by month.
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SMS token in addition to your domains.ch password

Two-factor authentication to secure your domains

St. Gallen - Domains are assets. Don't imagine what would happen if your operational and profitable online shop would be captured all at once. All email business correspondence would no longer arrive and mischief would be done with your domain.
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reversewhois.ch - New service for finding out domain owners

Which domains belong to whom?

St. Gallen - In September domains.ch, an offer of VADIAN.NET AG, launches the new service reversewhois.ch to give webmasters, journalists, bankruptcy offices and interested citizens an easier possibility to find out domains owned by a certain organization or person.
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New domain extension at the start

.page - Attractive domains for companies and private individuals

St. Gallen - From 9 October 2018 all interested parties can now register the new .page domains. The Sunrise period, an early phase for privileged trademark owners, had already begun on 27 August. The new .page domains cost only 22 CHF (as of 15.10.2018).
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reverseip.ch - New service for the analysis of domains

Find websites that are hosted on the same server

St. Gallen - At the beginning of September domains.ch, an product of VADIAN.NET AG, launches the new service reverseip.ch to give webmasters, journalists and interested citizens an easy way to find out neighboring domains of a certain web presence.
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hitanalyzer.ch - a new service from domains.ch

Analyzing domains for free

In addition to the display of Whois data, domains.ch now also offers a so-called Hitanalyzer. The Hitanalyzer displays various additional information about a domain, which can be of considerable use. Depending on the domain, various data is displayed, such as technology, trust, archive information, screenshots, keywords, company data, trademark protection hits and WIPO legal disputes regarding domains.
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Attractive new prices for German domains

.de Domains for only 12.50 CHF

St. Gallen - From now on we offer new attractive prices for .de domains. German domains now only cost 12.50 CHF, so they are as cheap as .ch domains. The prices are valid for domains.ch existing customers as well as new customers.
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screenshots.ch - a new service from domains.ch

Create free Screenshots online

St. Gallen - At the end of August domains.ch, a product of VADIAN.NET AG, launches the new service screenshots.ch to give customers an easy and convenient way to take a screenshot of any website online.
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Cheap reservation of Chinese surname Li

Register Chinese first and last names thanks to .li domain extension

domains.ch offers the inexpensive possibility to reserve Chinese name combinations with the surname Li. For only 12.50 CHF per year these Chinese first and last name combinations can now be saved.
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